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Social Responsibility

Airport of the future

Managing our business responsibly 

Being a responsible business is part of Auckland Airport’s DNA. It underpins our primary focus of making journeys better. It not only helps us to make a positive long-term contribution to New Zealand and Auckland, but also makes good business sense. By respecting people, the community and the environment we are able to grow our business sustainably and create value for all of our stakeholders in the long term. 

You can see how we are tracking in our Sustainability Snapshot report.


Actively engaging with our stakeholders

We are committed to actively engaging with all of our stakeholders. This means listening and responding to the concerns of local, national and global communities and ensuring a two-way dialogue. We undertook an extensive stakeholder consultation process in 2012 and this has informed our social responsibility action plan, helping us to prioritise our key activities.

Our key stakeholders include local communities and iwi, business partners and industry participants, the government and local authorities, our customers and employees. The consultation included staff workshops; media engagement (through newspapers, magazines and social media); and face-to-face meetings with the key groups. Responses to our consultation process were collated and discussed with the Leadership Team using international best practice sustainability reporting tools produced by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This was an extensive process which took over 12 months and resulted in a comprehensive understanding of our key priority areas.


Prioritising our key issues

We have identified the following 11 ‘material’ elements for our sustainability policy:

• Economic Contribution    Energy and Fuel efficiency   Sustainable transport 
Community and Iwi engagement   • Waste minimisation    Culture and heritage
Supply Chain engagement   Water conservation   Airport development and urban design
Environmental Protection   Aircraft noise    

 Economic Contribution    Community & Iwi engagement
 Supply Chain engagement    Environmental Protection


Our Approach 

Auckland Airport is focused on growing faster, aiming higher and becoming stronger as New Zealand’s premier transport and business hub. Underpinning this strategy is a focus on operating responsibly, to protect safety and the interests of local communities and the environment. Our social responsibility action plan identifies our key business targets to 2020, and outlines the key issues we need to overcome. We are pleased that our work in this area has been recognised through inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past two years. We have been Earthcheck Silver certified since 2010. Earthcheck is the leading sustainability certification for the tourism and travel industry. Auckland Airport has also been a member of the FTSE4Good since 2008.

A Sustainability Forum has been formed to focus on the management of sustainability at the Airport. This forum is chaired by the company’s Sustainability Manager and includes representatives from every division within the business. It reports directly to the Leadership Team on progress and performance on a six monthly basis. However in practice, acting responsibly is the role of every employee at the Airport, and we have worked to ensure that sustainability is fully integrated into our business.