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Auckland Airport and Earthcheck

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Auckland Airport has been pro-active, over the past four to five years, in embedding sustainabiltiy into the way we do business.

We have been working hard in this area and felt it important, to those involved internally, as well as all our stakeholders, to seek independent, external recognition of our efforts and we are delighted to have been awarded Bronze Benchmarking in May 2010 and Silver Certification in December 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Earthcheck is used by travel and tourism organisations around the world to validate their carbon claims and guide their sustainability initiatives.

It is the largest benchmarking, certification and management solution in use by the tourism industry and the leading program in-market.  There are many certification products available, but few cover both environmental and social performance and require a long term commitment before higher levels of achievement are rewarded.

For these reasons Earthcheck was a seen as a best fit for Auckland Airport.  We understand sustainability requires a long term view from our business, a long term view that takes into consideration the needs of future generations today.

By joining Earthcheck Auckland Airport is simply saying we are part of a global tourism industry, we are serious about sustainability and we are taking local action on many global issues. 

We also believe in transparent disclosure of our performance and our annual benchmarking reports are available here:

Earthcheck Benchmarking Report 2010

Earthcheck Benchmarking Report 2011

Earthcheck Benchmarking Report 2012

Earthcheck Benchmarking Report 2013

Earthcheck Benchmarking Report 2014

In addition Earthcheck have produced a case study on Auckland Airport that provides an excellent snapshot of our whole sustainability programme, achievements and potential to do even more.