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Flight information is sent straight to your cellphone via our FlightTXT™ service, for real-time updates on your flight details. To receive this service, text the flight number (eg, QF44) with no space to 2040.

We will text you straight back with the available flight status. It’s that simple!

Each text request costs NZ$0.40 cents and is charged to your cellphone account.

FlightTXT™ tips

Abbreviations that may appear in your text message are:

  • SCHED - scheduled time of arrival or departure
  • EST - estimated time of departure or arrival.

Get Flight Info by Phone

Ever wondered if that flight is arriving or departing on time, and you are not near the internet?

Phone 09 275 0789 or 0800 247767 and enter the flight number or time to receive real time information about the flight.

Ensure the correct flight details are entered or you will receive the message "no flight found, please try again".

Terms and conditions FlightTXT™

  • Auckland Airport accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, incompleteness or delays in, or for any reliance by you or any third party on, the information provided by the FlightTXT service
  • Auckland Airport reserves the right to cancel this service at any time without prior notification. It is suggested customers always confirm their bookings prior to travelling
  • Fee is inclusive of GST.

For more information about the FlightTXT service contact us.

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Download the Auckland Airport App

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