Special assistance

Automatic doors and lifts

Automatic doors and lifts are available to all levels of the international terminal for visitors and travellers using wheelchairs.

Airport help

Please notify your airline of any requirements around disabilities.


Passengers who need a wheelchair should contact your airline they are travelling with.

Medical and emergency services

Local medical services and emergency services are provided by Auckland Airport.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) with braille keys

Automatic teller machines with braille keys are located at:

  • ground floor, arrivals area
  • first floor, departures area.

Car parking for vehicles displaying a disability card

Vehicles with a valid disability card can park in marked spaces as follows:

  • short duration on the outer road in front of the terminals
  • longer visits in the public car park nearest to the terminals.

Drinking fountains

Wheelchair-accessible drinking fountains are placed throughout the international terminal to offer travellers a refreshing drink.


Toilet facilities in the international terminal are wheelchair-accessible.


Dial-a-ride is a specialist wheelchair vehicle shuttle service. Please book two days in advance. Several of the taxi and shuttle bus companies that service the airport are members of the nationwide total mobility scheme and provide wheelchair hoists. Phone +64 9 625 5599.

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Flight information

Passengers with impaired sight should tell our friendly airline staff, when checking in, that they require assistance with flight information.

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Download the Auckland Airport app

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