Health and safety measures

Auckland Airport’s international terminal has been split into two zones to separate different categories of travellers as they pass through the international terminal.

  • International Terminal Zone A, Safe Travel area: is used by people travelling to and from countries with which New Zealand has formed a safe travel bubble.
  • International Terminal Zone B, Health Management area: is used for travellers arriving from countries with which New Zealand does not have a safe travel bubble, and who are required to undergo either managed isolation or quarantine. It is also used for passengers transiting through Auckland Airport en route elsewhere.

International Pier B operates on an independent network of utilities including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, while a UV filtration system further treats and cleans the air.

Auckland Airport has stepped up health and safety measures in line with Ministry of Health requirements, including:

  • Frequent sanitisation of high-touch areas
  • Increased cleaning
  • Strict safety protocols for staff
  • Hand-sanitiser stations available throughout both domestic and international terminals

Since the early days of the pandemic anti-viral cleaning throughout the terminals has been undertaken more frequently, with a focus on high-touch areas. On-the-spot cleaning audits are carried out using handheld, digital scanners that ensure the cleaning regime is effectively killing germs.

In addition, trials are currently underway on a range of cleaning technology solutions aimed at providing an additional level of hygiene assurance. Ultraviolet light technology, commonly used to sterilise surgical equipment, installed on escalator handrails, antimicrobial shields added to elevator buttons, and thermal-imaging cameras that can detect someone with a fever amongst a group of people are some of the technology solutions being tested by Auckland Airport.

100% of our frontline staff who interact with arriving passengers are regularly tested in line with the Ministry of Health requirements.

We require customers to follow the physical distancing requirements set out by the New Zealand Government. Please allow space between yourself and other people, and take extra care with hygiene.

Throughout both international and domestic terminals you will find QR codes for the Ministry of Health’s NZ Covid Tracer app that you can scan. The app will help you keep track of where you have been. Download the NZ Covid Tracer app and find out more here.

International accreditation

Auckland Airport has achieved international endorsement from Airports Council International (ACI) for the Airport Health Accreditation programme. The comprehensive assessment process covers cleaning and disinfection, management of physical distancing, staff protection, physical layout, passenger communications and facilities.