Temporary fuel supply disruption

Update – 27 September 2017

Minor flight disruptions and delays as a result of a temporary fuel disruption may continue over the coming week as airlines move from operating with reduced fuel allocations to business as usual.

Background information

What has happened?

Refining New Zealand, which owns the Marsden Point fuel refinery had a damaged fuel pipeline connecting the Marsden Point refinery to Wiri Oil Services Limited in Auckland.

The pipeline supplies airlines operating out of Auckland Airport with aviation fuel. As a result of the pipeline not working for 10 days, oil companies have had to reduce the amount of fuel they are supplying to airlines operating out of Auckland.

Why is the airport affected?

Oil companies are responsible for transporting, storing and supplying fuel for use by airlines operating out of Auckland. As a result of the pipeline damage and the need to now replenish storage reserves, the oil companies are currently rationing the amount of fuel they are supplying to airlines operating out of Auckland.

How long do you expect the disruptions to continue?

While the pipeline has now been repaired, it is going to take some time to replenish the oil companies’ reserves at the Wiri Oil Service terminal and the JUHI storage tanks at the airport before the oil companies’ can fully re-instate fuel allocations to airlines.

We expect this will happen between 2-6 October 2017. Any disruptions will only be minor and you should continue to check your flights with your airline before coming to the airport.


What should I do if travelling?

Travellers or friends and family of travellers should contact their airlines directly for information about their flight.

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You should also regularly check arrival and departure flight information for flight status information


What if I am at the airport?

We have extended our Wi-Fi access to 24 hours to allow passengers, friends and family to stay connected and keep up to date while they are at the airport.

Please contact your airlines for information about your flight and regularly check our flight information board.

If you have any questions or your are unsure about anything while at the airport, please approach our staff or Bluecoats for information.

What if I have pre-booked a car park?

Flight delays or cancellations may impact your entry and exit time for your booking. Should you need to make any changes, you can use your booking reference and email address to cancel or amend your booking to your new travel times.

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If your new parking charges are higher than your original charge, please email parking@aucklandairport.co.nz on your return and we will refund the difference paid.

If you are already in transit and your car is in the car park please email parking@aucklandairport.co.nz if you have any concerns regarding a delay on your return.