Washed Up

About this piece

Born 1963 in Auckland, David McCracken is self-taught. He began sculpting in his teens and gained further skills through boat building, construction, prop and set production. Since 2000 McCracken has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country. In 2011 he completed a major commission for the city of Whanganui and his work has been collected privately nationwide.


David McCracken


Steel Treadplate

Date Completed


One cannot help but smile upon seeing ‘Washed Up’, an amusing caricature of a beached submarine/sea mammal. McCracken’s work is imbued with a compelling combination of humour, drama and a sense of play. By enlarging the scale of familiar objects they become theatrical in their appearance. Here the artist includes a serious observation on sea life and evolution, that which survives and that which may become extinct.