Living Nature

Living Nature believes that when it comes to beauty solutions, nature has the best answers.

When developing their skin care and cosmetic products, they look at how nature does it and then what combination of natural ingredients assist nature's work to counteract the stresses of lifestyle.

Living Nature skin care and cosmetic products are inspired by the remarkable healing properties of New Zealand’s native plants. New Zealand's flora and fauna is truly remarkable with over 80 million years of complete geographic isolation. 85% of New Zealand's native plants are not found anywhere else in the world and the bio-activity of some of these ancient species is amazing. For example, Harakeke Flax Gel is nature’s super hydrator, Totarol is a super anti-oxidant and antimicrobial, Active Manuka Honey is nature’s miracle skin healer, and Manuka Oil is a powerful skin protector. These are just a few of Living Nature’s unique New Zealand 'hero ingredients'.

Products include; Manuka Honey Balancing Night Gel, Firming Flax serum, Cleansing Clay Peel, Vitalising Cleanser, Nourishing Night Cream, and Radiance Night Oil.

Living Nature skincare and cosmetic products are available at TravelPharm located at the Domestic & International Terminals, as well as tax-free at the International Terminal departures hall, after security.

Please contact TravelPharm at Auckland Airport for product availability, travel exclusives, and prices.

Living Nature is proudly made in New Zealand.