Since the Mugler brand was created in 1974, the designer has given free rein to his imagination. Building a world governed by fantasies, extravagances and experiments day by day.

A futuristic space and time where the power of the unexpected, the strength of boldness and unlimited creativity give you wings and encourage transformation.

Enter the universe of extraordinary luxury. Mugler fragrances tell stories that transport us into an imaginary world filled with the extraordinary, innovation, paradoxes and emotions. The world is filled with strong values which are his own: passion, boldness, nothing but perfection and a unique relationship with his audience. Creativity is boosted by magnetism and sensuality, through which Thierry Mugler applies a new slant on Fine Perfumery.

A star among stars, it was more specifically the five-pointed star that Thierry Mugler chose as the symbol for his universe. As a strong universal symbol, it represents the centre, the cradle of a world in constant expansion.