Zoe & Morgan

Zoe & Morgan jewellery has become the choice for the style-aware, the individual minded, and those with an appreciation for the unique and extraordinary.

They are inspired by their love of gem stones, and passion for their alchemy when combined with precious metals.

Zoe & Morgan was officially launched in 2005 by the collaboration of three siblings, Ruth, Zoe and Morgan. Growing up with a silver and goldsmith father they were introduced to jewellery at a young age. They gained a true appreciation for the craft and process watching their father create coveted items of beauty and sentiment. After pursuing different creative careers, Zoe & Morgan was established after Morgan returned from India with a pocket full of precious gemstones. After showing these to Zoe it re awakened the love of the processes they witnessed growing up.

Zoe & Morgan’s collection combine deluxe metals with a variety of luxurious gemstones in intricate and delicate designs. They are inspired by the countries they have travelled to, the beauty and geometry found in nature and the special healing qualities of gemstones.

Zoe & Morgan have something for every occasion, whether you are after a statement necklace set with a magnificent lapis, or a delicately crafted forget me knot ring there is something for everyone.

Zoe & Morgan jewellery is available tax-free at Walker & Hall, Auckland International Airport.