Beecology brings together and celebrates all that is great about New Zealand premium honey; from the pristine natural environment supporting it, to the unique medicinal properties it contains and the unparalleled quality it represents.

Beecology stocks a wide range of bee products from the reputed Manuka honey, propolis, royal jelly to bee venom skincare. Beecology provides a wide collection of Manuka honey ranging from organic Manuka honey to highly rare and precious UMF 25+ Manuka honey.

Beecology carries products from well-known New Zealand brands such as Watson & Sons, Manuka Health, Tranz Alpine, Royal Nectare, Egmont Honey, Beebio, Beeorg and Divinz.

Beecology products are sold tax-free and international parcel are also available for those customers transiting at countries where entry with honey products are prohibited.