Parking for motorbikes bicycles and special vehicles


Motorbikes can park in the spaces dedicated to cars. If you are unsure where to park upon your arrival, please speak to a parking attendant who will point you in the right direction. Motorbikes are not permitted to park on any footpaths, walkways or in front of entry/exit doors. Motorbikes that are parked illegally will recieve an infringement notice and may be towed away.


At the international terminal, travellers can dismantle or assemble bicycles outside the arrivals area and there is a cycle rack nearby.

At the domestic terminal a cycle rack is located on the corner of covered car park M, to the right of the row of pay machines if you are facing the domestic terminal.

Bicycles are not permitted to park on footpaths, walkways, in front of entry/exit doors, next to fire hydrants/hose reels or in stairwells.

All cyclists must wear a helmet when cycling in New Zealand.

Designated space for mobility card holders

Pick up and drop off spaces are provided on the outer forecourt road of the international terminal and in front of the domestic terminal for those displaying a valid mobility card.

Additional parking spaces are provided within our short term car parks M and R at the domestic terminal and car park A at the international terminal.

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