Building for the long haul

Auckland Airport is underway with major projects across transport, terminals and airfield as we build a resilient, fit-for-purpose airport that meets the needs of customers well into the future.

We are excited to announce that the ground floor of the new Transport Hub is now open - the biggest change to Auckland Airport’s international terminal transport system in nearly 50-years. The Transport Hub provides an efficient and modern arrival and departure experience with 320m of undercover kerbside public drop-off and pick-up space, and better public transport connections.

Over the coming months and years, you’ll see a lot more happening around the airport and we’re committed to making sure airport operations continue to run as smoothly as possible. It’s important to us that you always feel well informed about what we’re building and why, and so you’re prepared for any changes before you come to the airport. You’ll find everything you need to know right here. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

The upgrade of Auckland Airport

Main projects – transport, airfield, terminals

New Transport Hub to improve journeys to and from the airport

Over the past two years the carpark outside the international terminal has been transformed into a modern, new Transport Hub, with the ground floor now open.

The new facility provides 320m of undercover kerbside drop off and pick up, with separate lanes for public and commercial traffic, creating an efficient and modern arrival and departure experience for those using public transport and scheduled buses, being dropped off or picked up by friends and family, or being dropped off by taxis, rideshares (e,g, Uber) and shuttles. The drop-off and pick-up lanes, designed to handle the 650 vehicles an hour expected at peak, are an important step towards our new integrated domestic terminal, creating the capacity to manage future vehicle volumes.

Better journeys ahead: Auckland Airport Transport Hub opens at international terminal

Auckland Airport’s biggest airfield expansion since opening

The airfield expansion is set to open in late 2025, spanning over 23 rugby fields in size. It is the largest airfield expansion in our airport’s history, and a critical enabler, creating a new area for aircraft parking with a large part of the airfield about to become a construction site for development of the newly integrated terminal. The project adds extra taxiways and six remote stands (parking spots for planes) for aircraft that layover for several hours before departing again, five of these stands will have in-ground jet fuel reticulation, and further into the future, if needed, a second runway.

3+ km of stormwater pipes are going in the ground under the new airfield to capture stormwater flows from more than 100 hectares of land north of the international terminal, directing it away and into an innovative new treatment system. Learn more here >>

Learn more about the airfield expansion >>

A brand-new domestic terminal to be fully integrated into the international terminal - replacing the ageing domestic terminal

Set to open between 2028 and 2029, the new integrated terminal will house domestic and international travel under the same roof for the first time since 1977, via an expansion at the eastern end of the existing international terminal building.

  • The integrated terminal will serve the larger and more efficient domestic jet aircraft flying to and from Auckland to New Zealand’s other main centres, alongside international operations.
  • When it opens it will cut domestic jet to international transfer times down to a five-minute indoor walk.
  • Smart baggage systems will save time and reduce stress at either end of a flight, alongside faster links to transport options.
  • More gates and other facilities to help airlines smooth and speed-up turn-around times.

Learn more about our combined terminal >>

What it means for you and your journey

While we’re making these changes, Auckland Airport may look different each time you arrive. We always want you to feel safe, informed and prepared so bookmark this page for future visits and please remember to plan ahead and allow extra time.

Planning ahead

Preparing for your trip

International departure information: Learn more
International arrival information: Learn more

Flight information

Be sure to check flight times.


Book your parking well in advance of travelling.

Other transport options

Many transport options are available for getting to and from Auckland Airport. Learn more


Accessibility needs: Learn more

Arriving at the airport

As the airport may look different to the last time you visited watch our arriving at Auckland Airport videos to familiarise yourself before you leave.

The ground floor of the new Transport Hub is now open at the international terminal. Videos for each type of transportation (including buses, taxis, rideshares (eg.Uber), shuttles and rental cars) are here. You can also check out our detailed airport maps.

New Transport Hub at the international terminal

The ground floor of our new Transport Hub has now opened on the doorstep of the international terminal and there is a new road layout. Here is some information to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Drop-off and pick-up

You’ll notice a big change in the public drop-off & pick-up area, which has relocated from the front of the international terminal to the ground floor of the Transport Hub. When you are driving towards the terminal you will now be guided into the Transport Hub. Simply follow the signs to the drop-off & pick-up zone. You’ll drive through, stop to drop-off or pick-up your friends and family and exit from the other end of the Transport Hub. If you need to be picked up, please follow the signs to the middle lanes of the Transport Hub.

Videos for each type of transportation (including buses, taxis, rideshares (eg.Uber), shuttles and rental cars) are here. You can also check out our detailed airport maps.

Travelling between terminals

A free terminal transfer bus service operates every 15 minutes between the international and domestic terminals

The bus operates 5am - 11pm daily and takes approximately ten minutes to travel between terminals.

International terminal: The bus leaves from bus stop B in the new Transport Hub.
Domestic terminal: The bus leaves outside Door 2 at bus stop C.

Alternatively, stretch your legs and get some fresh air by taking our inter-terminal walkway between the two terminal buildings. The walkway is indicated by a green line painted on the footpath and is approximately a 10-minute walk.

Free inter terminal transfer bus

Walk between our terminals following our green line

Latest project updates


We're halfway there: domestic terminal bathroom upgrades continue

Auckland Airport’s domestic bathroom upgrades continue to roll on, with works underway on the new women’s bathrooms near the Air New Zealand baggage reclaim area.

During this upgrade we’ve set up temporary men’s bathrooms outside the entrance to the baggage reclaim area of the terminal (door 4), while the mahi on the remaining bathrooms is being done.
At the end of 2023 the bathrooms at the regional end of the terminal were completed, marking the halfway point of the upgrades.

The new bathrooms provide visitors to the airport with improved facilities, and are also a nod to the look and feel of the interiors of the future domestic terminal.

The Jean Batten statue is back

It’s great to welcome back one of New Zealand’s greatest aviators, Jean Batten.

The life-like Jean Batten statue has returned to the international terminal, after being temporarily removed for conservation work when construction of the Transport Hub started in mid-2022.

Jean’s outstretched arm has waved welcome and farewell at Auckland Airport for 35 years now, but after that long in the elements it was time for some touch-ups with a metal conservator to get her looking her best again.

She now has a new home between the Novotel and the Transport Hub as part of wider landscaping of the international terminal forecourt to provide a welcoming environment.

West is best for truck deliveries

The entry point for everything from salads, designer sunglasses to bottles of champagne into the international terminal, is changing with construction of the western truck dock.

The new truck dock, which is being constructed to the west of the international terminal, will be the home for all deliveries of goods and services, food and beverages and duty-free products to the international terminal.

The western truck dock is expected to be completed by early/mid 2025, allowing the eastern truck dock, which sits behind the international check-in area, to be dismantled to make way for the build of the new domestic terminal.

Paving the way for safe, resilient airfield operations

Ensuring the airfield is safe and constantly maintained is essential and Auckland Airport’s airfield investment continues to take off with the latest round of airfield pavement renewal works.

Last year hundreds of slabs on the eastern side of Taxiway Bravo, as well as the international apron on Stand 3/Taxiway Kilo, were replaced.

The project teams are now working on stands 3,5 and 7 of the international terminal. The work also includes converting the asphalt taxiway to concrete.