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New Zealand Traveller Declaration

Everyone travelling into New Zealand needs to complete a free New Zealand Traveller Declaration.

You can start your New Zealand Traveller Declaration at a time that suits you either online or via the NZTD app. The declaration is free, and will take about 10 minutes to fill in. The earliest you can submit your declaration is 24 hours before you start your journey to New Zealand. If you are a New Zealand visa or NZeTA holder, you will still need to complete a NZTD.

The New Zealand Traveller Declaration collects travellers’ Customs, Immigration, and Biosecurity information. The online form aims to help arriving international passengers move through airports more efficiently and improve the safety and security of New Zealand.

Every passenger carrying NZ$10,000 or more in cash and/or foreign currency equivalent must notify a Customs Officer.

Your declaration will be checked when you arrive and any goods you’ve declared will be inspected by a Ministry for Primary Industries Officer after you’ve cleared Passport Control and collected your bags. Your bags may be sniffed by detector dogs, X-rayed or searched.


For the most up to date immigration information please refer to the Immigration New Zealand website or call:

  • Freephone within NZ only: 0508 558 855
  • Phone from overseas: 0064 9 914 4100


For the most accurate information about what can and cannot be brought into New Zealand and what you need to declare, please refer to the New Zealand Customs Service website or call:

  • Freephone within NZ only: 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428 786)
  • Phone from overseas: 0064 9 300 5399


Biosecurity New Zealand aims to prevent the entry of pests and diseases which could endanger New Zealand's important agriculture and horticulture industries, as well as our natural environment.

It is important to remember that if you have any fruit, vegetable, animal, or plant items with you, or packed in your luggage, you must declare them or dispose of them in airport amnesty bins.

Before departure, you should clean all sports equipment to remove soil and grass. This will assist with border processes when you enter New Zealand.

Protect NZ from foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)

Foot-and-mouth disease is in many countries, including Malaysia, China and most recently Indonesia, but thankfully not yet New Zealand.

In order to protect New Zealand against Foot and Mouth disease all arriving travellers must:

  • Declare all goods, equipment, and food that could carry unwanted pests or diseases into New Zealand.
  • Declare when they have been in contact with livestock.
  • Not bring in animal products such as meat.
  • Clean footwear before coming to New Zealand if you have visited a farm overseas.
  • Remember that there is a one week stand down from when a person arrives from an overseas country that has Foot and Mouth disease to when they can go onto a NZ farm or contact susceptible animals in NZ.

For the most up to date immigration information please refer to the Ministry of Primary Industries website or call:

  • Freephone within NZ only: 0800 00 83 33
  • Phone from overseas: +64 4 830 1574
  • Exotic pests and diseases: 0800 80 99 66

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Foreign Exchange

There are multiple foreign exchange options to suit you when you are flying from Auckland Airport. You can choose to buy online and pick up at the airport, visit a store when you arrive, or self-serve at a foreign Currency ATM.

International transits

If you are transiting in Auckland to another international flight, you need to go to the International Transfer point on the arrivals level of the Terminal.

Within the International Transfer screening point, you will undergo security screening which is required before you can board your next flight. At this screening point restrictions apply to the liquids, aerosols and gels that you can take through the screening point and on to your flight. Please be aware that liquids, aerosols and gels bought duty free in other airports (including alcohol, perfumes and creams) are subject to these restrictions and may be confiscated.

Regulations for passengers carrying liquids, aerosols and gels.

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