Internet access

Auckland Airport Wi-Fi

We offer free Wi-Fi for 2 hours to all visitors which can be instantly extended to 3 hours when you join Strata Club. Your access increases as you progress through the tiers. Join now so you can get extended access for your next visit.

Instructions to connect:

  • Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled on your computer or mobile device.
  • Choose the "Auckland Airport" wireless network from the available choices
  • When presented with the login page click "Get online" enter your details.
  • A confirmation message will then display notifying you that your session has started

3 hours free for all Strata Club Members

2. Connect to Auckland Airport Wi-Fi with your account

3. Enjoy 3 hours extended Wi-Fi access

Your access and performance increases as you progress through the tiers:

  • All Strata Club Members: 3 hours access or up to 2.0GB
  • Strata Silver Members: Unlimited access or up to 3.0GB
  • Strata Gold Members: Unlimited access or up to 4.0GB
  • Strata Platinum Members: Unlimited access or up to 5.0GB

Need more time?

You can also pay to use our Wi-Fi services for longer periods of time. Once connected to the "Auckland Airport" wireless network, click "Get online" and select from one of our pay as you go options to sign up for more time.

For any further questions please check out our frequently asked questions

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Join Strata Club

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