Parking special promotions terms and conditions


These promotional terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the Terms & Conditions for Online Parking which are deemed to form part of these conditions.

All car parking promotions are subject to availability of parking spaces sold under the relevant promotion at the time of booking. Auckland Airport reserves the right to add or remove car parking spaces in relation to any promotion at any time.

Promotions may be cancelled or eligibility for certain promotional rates amended, at any time without prior notice. Any such change shall not affect promotions given on bookings which have been made prior to the date of such cancellation or amendment.

Promotions are only valid for qualifying bookings via the website. Consumers should carefully review the terms of any specific promotion including qualifying dates, times and duration. No liability will be accepted by Auckland Airport for any loss of money as a result of a booking failing to meet the relevant promotion criteria.

Any percentage savings referred to is calculated as a percentage of the full drive up prices with no other concession or discount.