Better Burger

We use fresh, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients to make deliciously simple burgers all wrapped up in 100% compostable packaging.

The Better Burger experience was born in 2014 from the wholesome idea that people deserve better - better service, better quality, better taste and better value. Combining honesty and tenacity, the Better Burger recipe was built to provide all the conveniences of a standard fast food chain; but one that uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and prides itself on a made-to-order model.

Better Burger’s simple menu stars five mouth-watering burgers including a delicious vegetarian option and an airport-only breakfast burger, fries and shakes complete with secret codewords that unlock loaded options for those in the know.

Freshness is non-negotiable. Put simply, Better Burger guarantees your fries were a potato 10 minutes ago, your locally made ‘honey’ bun was baked that morning and your patty was delivered fresh that morning, with not a freezer or microwave in sight. Better still, your meal will be wrapped up in nothing but 100% plant-based, commercially compostable packaging.