Oma Artisan Bakery & Cafe

Full operational bakery

Oma Artisan Bakery & Café evolved in collaboration with Isabel Pasch, founder of the legendary Bread and Butter Bakery in Auckland. At Oma, travellers will find traditional German rye sourdoughs, French croissants, pastries, savouries and pies, a large selection of bread rolls and the world famous German Pretzel. Oma’s goods are baked directly in the airport outlet. The large glass viewing windows allow customers to observe the bakers at work, actively rolling dough and creating mouth-watering delicacies. Customers can witness the use of wholesome, organic ingredients, as well as true-craftsmanship.

Oma Artisan Bakery and Café is the only fully-operational bakery within an Australia or New Zealand-based airport and offers a vast range of freshly-baked goods prepared and produced in the terminal.

Oma Artisan Bakery & Café is an inviting space for all. One of the many striking features is the open café-style seating area. The large umbrellas provide an intimate, calming atmosphere, where travellers and fareweller alike can indulge in freshly-baked goods and a cup of outstanding barista-style coffee.

Flight information screens are placed directly opposite the restaurant seating area so customers can keep up-to-date with departures without leaving their seats.

Oma Artisan Bakery & Cafe

  • Opening hours vary depending on flight schedules
  • International Terminal - First Floor, before security
  • +64 27 206 4417
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