Eat yourself happy with Pita Pit’s range of pitas, salads, smoothies and snacks now available at Auckland International Airport.

Pita Pit is a fresh, healthy alternative to fast food. Born in Canada in 1995. Pita Pit creates a fun, casual atmosphere where customers can create their perfect pita amongst our endless flavour combinations of the freshest & best quality ingredients. You will see real meat put on the grill. The taste of grilled meat is like nothing else with the aroma building anticipation for your meal. Pita Pit expanded into NZ in 1997 and is growing rapidly nationwide.

With the move toward low carbohydrate and fat-reduced diets, sandwich bread, pizzas and burgers are losing their popularity. While the pita shell is light and tasty, it is not the meal, but simply the delivery mechanism. Inside the shell are all the fresh vegetables and low-fat protein you’re looking for.

At Pita Pit, each pita is made to order so you can have what you want in your meal and it’s so quick you don’t even get an order number! Pita Pits is located at the international terminal departure hall food court, level 1, before security.

Pita Pit accepts cash, debit cards and all major credit cards. Pita Pit does Paywave, too.