Retro Espresso

Retro Espresso has a distinctive retro style, but their approach to coffee making is right up to date.

Their beans are sourced with expert knowledge and handled with care. Retro Espresso work closely with Allpress (a great New Zealand coffee brand) to formulate a unique blend that’s only available to Retro Espresso customers. Rich in flavour and smooth in delivery, it provides a superb product for their baristas to work with.

Their unique mobile outlets draw inspiration from the classic American caravans and diners of the 1950s. Their mobile outlets are equipped with top quality Italian espresso machines from the La Marzocco range. These are professional machines that can produce cup after cup of excellent coffee under the control of a busy barista. Everyone who works for Retro Espresso is trained in the demanding profession of making excellent coffee under pressure. Their philosophy is to make it good – and make it fast.

You can also pick up a brownie, afghan biscuit or muesli slice, baked fresh by a small Titirangi café daily.

Retro Espresso has two locations at the International Terminal. Both are just outside the exit doors at either end of the terminal.

Retro Espresso accepts debit cards and all major credit cards.

Retro Espresso

  • International terminal: temporarily closed. Domestic terminal: 6:00am-6:00pm
  • International Terminal - ground floor, before security
  • Domestic terminal, before security
  • +64 9 255 5089
  • Email store