Arriving from overseas

Traveller update

Controls at the borders are in place for those entering New Zealand including managed isolation or quarantine for at least 14 days. For more information please visit the New Zealand Government's website.

Arrival procedures at Auckland Airport enable passengers to easily plan and go through airport safety and security processes, to allow for a smooth entry through the gateway to New Zealand.

To make your experience with us convenient and pleasant, all arriving passengers have access to currency exchange, duty free shopping and many other world-class services and facilities.

Arriving in Auckland

When arriving in Auckland, passengers must proceed to the passport control point. You will need to have the following documents ready:

Once processed, you may proceed to baggage reclaim to collect your bags.

Immigration requirements

From October 1st 2019 the New Zealand Government has introduced a new travel requirement for some visitors and transit passengers. It’s called the NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) and travellers need to request theirs via the official mobile app or website. Approval can take up to 72 hours, so get yours before you go. Please visit to find out if you need one.

Unless you are a New Zealand citizen, resident or from a visa-free country (a full list of is available on the New Zealand Immigration Service website, details of which are listed below) you will probably be required to have a valid visa before entering New Zealand. Visitors who are not required to have a visa will still need to show:

  • a return travel ticket or evidence of onward travel arrangements
  • evidence that you have sufficient money available to fund your visit.

For further information about visas and other immigration requirements, please visit the New Zealand Immigration Service website or visit one of their branch offices.

Anything to declare?

After collecting your baggage, proceed to the exiting point where your passenger arrival card will be checked by an officer prior to passing through Customs and the New Zealand quarantine inspection service.

Every passenger carrying NZ$10,000 or more in cash and/or foreign currency equivalent must notify a Customs officer.

What to declare

Don't forget to declare any necessary items, as there are severe penalties for failing to declare articles that are prohibited, restricted or for which you are required to pay duty/sales tax.

For further information about what can and cannot be brought into New Zealand, please contact:

New Zealand Customs Service
Freephone: 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428 786)
Phone (outside New Zealand): +64 9 300 5399

Biosecurity (quarantine)

Biosecurity New Zealand aims to prevent the entry of pests and diseases which could endanger New Zealand's important agriculture and horticulture industries, as well as our natural environment.

It is important to remember that if you have any fruit and vegetables, animal or plant items with you, or packed in your luggage, you must declare it on your passenger arrival card. A full list of risk goods are on the Passenger Arrival Card.

If you fail to declare, you could be fined at least $400NZD.

Please note that unaccompanied baggage may attract inspection charges.

Before departure you should clean all sports equipment to remove soil and grass. This will assist with border processes when you enter New Zealand.

Biosecurity requirements

  1. Fill out your Passenger Arrival Card. All risk goods must be declared
  2. Dispose of any risk goods you have not declared in the amnesty bins
  3. Present your Passenger Arrival Card to the Biosecurity Officer. Declared risk goods may then be inspected.

Your bags may be sniffed by detector dogs, x-rayed or searched. If you have any questions, ask one of the Biosecurity Officer.

For further information about biosecurity restrictions, please contact:

Biosecurity New Zealand
Freephone within NZ only: 0800 00 83 33
Phone from overseas: +64 4 830 1574
Exotic pests and diseases: 0800 80 99 66

Brown marmorated stink bug – check bags when unpacking

Biosecurity New Zealand needs your help to keep watch for the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) which could attack a wide range of New Zealand crops and infest local homes.

BMSB has spread from Asia to North America and through Europe. It’s not in New Zealand yet, and we want to keep it that way.

If arriving from Asia, North America, or Europe (in particular Italy) please let biosecurity staff know. And when unpacking your bags after your arrival please take care and look for BMSB. If you find any bugs or insects in your luggage, catch it, take a photo and call Biosecurity New Zealand’s pest hotline: 0800 80 99 66.

For more information (including how to identify BMSB) visit

Domestic transfer

Before booking a domestic flight please allow around three hours to cover procedures for entry into NZ, transferring to the domestic terminal, as well as any unexpected flight or processing delays.

If you are catching a domestic flight within NZ please collect your luggage, clear NZ Customs and MPI (Biosecurity) and then proceed to the relevant check in for your domestic flight.

For Air New Zealand, the Domestic transfer desk is located on the ground floor of the International Terminal. For connections within 60 minutes and all other airlines proceed directly to the domestic terminal.

Luggage will only be checked in if you have allowed at least one hour before the departure of any domestic flight.

If you miss this check-in time please go directly to the domestic terminal by using the free inter-terminal bus or by following the sign-posted walkway.

If your checked in luggage weighs more than 20kg, or carry on luggage more than 7kg, an excessive luggage charge may apply.

Our airport maps will show you where to go and you can catch the inter terminal bus and our helpful staff are always ready to lend a hand.

Driving in New Zealand

There are a few things that you may not be used to when driving in New Zealand. For example:

  • we drive on the left side of the road
  • it's easy to underestimate travelling times here
  • our roads are narrower, more winding and sometimes steeper than you might expect
  • our roads are mostly two-way, with one lane in each direction - we have few motorways.

Make sure you have a safe and enjoyable journey. You can download a Driving in New Zealand leaflet for information on the key road rules - available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Arabic.

Click here for more information about driving in New Zealand.

Transferring to another international flight

If you are transiting in Auckland to another international flight you need to go to the transit and transfer area.

Within the transit and transfer area you will undergo security screening which is required before you can board your next flight. At this screening point restrictions apply to the powders, liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGS) that you can take through the screening point and on to your flight. Please be aware that powders, liquids, aerosols and gels bought duty free in other airports (including alcohol, perfumes and creams) are subject to these restrictions and may be confiscated. Find out more about the regulations around powders, liquids, aerosols and gels.

Once you have cleared the transit screening point the full range of Auckland Airport departures facilities are available to you including duty and tax free shopping, food and beverage facilities, showers and toilets.

A new transit lounge is now operating for all flights arriving into Auckland. View essential information to help you plan your journey.

Tourism Information


Tourism Auckland i-SITE information centre is able to assist with all your travel requirements throughout New Zealand including:

  • Bus,Train and Ferry Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Rental Cars/Campervans

Location: Ground floor, arrivals area
Opening hours: 6.30am - 8pm, 7 days a week
Phone: +64 9 365 9925
Fax: +64 9 256 8942

Other information

Duty free shopping

Duty Free stores are located in arrivals for arriving passengers to make last minute duty and tax free purchases. Remember to pick up pre-ordered duty and tax free items from the respective collection counters before proceeding to the baggage claim area.

Customs information about duty free allowances is available, if you have any questions.

Duty free shopping – international transfers

There are many duty and tax free shopping facilities for transiting passengers once you have gone through the security screening process. To complete the shopping experience stop and have a bite to eat at Café Espresso or Burger King, or enjoy a relaxing drink at Blue Bar before boarding your next flight!

See the directory of shops


Travelex is the world's foreign exchange specialist, with 10 stores located in the international and domestic terminals. The exchange is open 365 days a year, for all passengers’ arriving and departing flights.

All major currencies are available from Travelex at the international and domestic terminals.

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