Security remains a top priority at Auckland Airport.

On-site security measures are regularly monitored and the airport continues to meet stringent security standards set by the Government.

Auckland Airport also has a New Zealand Police unit located on-site.

Passenger screening

All departing passengers are subject to security screening prior to boarding aircraft. Auckland Airport reminds passengers that sharp items, such as nail clippers, scissors, pocket knives and metal nail files, should not be packed in carry-on luggage. Please ensure any items of this kind are packed in your check luggage. Detection of these items at screening points will increase the wait time for passengers.

Please ensure you do not carry any inflammable liquids gasses or other dangerous goods with you or in your bags. Those items will also be removed by security staff when detected.

Laptop computers must be removed from bags at the security point and screened separately. Electronic equipment will not be damaged by x-ray screening.

Checked baggage is also subject to screening. Please contact your airline for further information about what can and cannot be taken on board, either in carry-on luggage or in your checked-baggage.

Pick up/drop off

For security reasons, vehicles collecting or dropping off passengers at the front of the terminals must be attended AT ALL TIMES. Any vehicle left unattended will be subject to an immediate fine and may be towed. Attended vehicles can only remain in the pick/up drop/off area for a maximum of 1 minute. Find out about our parking options.

Unattended baggage

Baggage must never be left unattended in public areas. All such baggage will be treated as suspicious. All baggage should be clearly tagged with your contact details.

Security-related threats

Passengers and airport visitors are warned that all threats and comments made about carrying of weapons or explosives - whether intended as a joke or not - will be taken seriously and may result in refusal of carriage onto the flight and prosecution.


Passengers with medical conditions are advised to contact their airline in relation to the carriage of medical equipment through screening points and on board their flight.

Travel advice

For advice on travel warnings, visas and consular services, visit the Smart Travel website,

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Download the Auckland Airport app

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