Roading network upgrades

Transport to and from the airport

We forecast the number of daily trips to and from the airport will increase from 63,000 today to 140,000 in 2044. The majority of these trips today are in private cars.

Our vision is to reduce congestion and improve travel times to and from the airport. To do this the balance between private car use and other modes of transport will need to change.

Our 30 year vision includes a wide range of transport modes to provide Aucklanders and visitors with greater choice and flexibility around how they get to and from the airport.

We are proposing better public transport, better parking facilities, improved pedestrian and cycle access and a better roading network in and around the airport.

Improving access to and from the airport

Auckland Airport, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and Auckland Transport (AT) are working together to find ways to improve access to and from the airport.

Initiatives already underway include:

  • changes to lane configurations at the State Highway 20B (Puhinui Rd) and State Highway 20 interchange to increase traffic flows through the intersection
  • changes to lane configurations on George Bolt Memorial Drive to improve traffic flows to both airport terminals
  • changes to lane configurations on George Bolt Memorial Drive and Laurence Stevens Drive roundabout to improve traffic flows to the domestic terminal.

In addition to these works the Auckland Transport Operations Centre (ATOC) will optimise traffic signals to increase traffic flows at peak times on the state highways and airport roads, and publish additional airport-specific travel time information.

Longer term we will work with NZTA and AT to deliver additional network capacity and improve travel times. These include:

  • upgrade of State Highway 20A and improvements to the State Highway 20A and Kirkbride Road interchange, which will create significant extra capacity. For updates on progress of this project and for more information visit
  • the upgrade of the George Bolt Memorial Drive, the Landing Drive and Verissimo Drive intersection
  • new bus lanes heading towards the airport on State Highway 20A.
International terminal upgrade

International terminal upgrade

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