Smooth run to take-off

The airport is never still, things are changing here as we're upgrading our roads, expanding the airfield, changing our car parks and our retailers are re-opening as more of us are travelling.

While the works are underway it can be a nuisance please do take extra care as you drive through the roadworks.

So if you’re flying soon, here’s a few tips to help you breeze through the airport and get your trip off to a smoother start.

Roadworks update

Stay informed as we widen roads, create new access roads and intersections. Please take extra care as you drive through the roadworks.

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Track your journey

Across the Domestic and International terminals you’ll find QR codes for the Ministry of Health’s NZ Covid Tracer app that you can scan. The app will help you keep track of where you have been.

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6 ways to get to and from the airport

Whether it is by friends and family dropping you off, parking, taxi, shuttle, public transport, or rideshare to the airport there are many ways for you to begin your journey.

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Car parking

With fewer of us travelling at the moment there are changes to our car parks. Plan your journey, pre-book your parking online and keep up to date with the car parks opening up.

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Make pick-ups a breeze

Get 30 minutes' free parking in our Wait Zone while you wait for arriving travellers. Family or friends simply message you when they’re ready so you can make the quick two-minute drive to the pick-up area.

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Prepare your carry-on

Cruise through security by making sure you’re ready with your pockets empty, loose items in your carry-on and your electronic devices ready to place in the tray.

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Cruise through drop-off

Meet and farewell your friends and family with ease. You can pick up and drop off friends and family outside the domestic terminal using the designated lanes. When picking people up just get them to let you know which of zones 1 – 4 they’re waiting at.

Relax and enjoy

Organised and arrive early? Whether travelling or greeting friends and family this is your time to relax and enjoy the range of food and beverage options.

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