Upgrade to Sleeping Class

An Upgrade to Sleeping Class provided by innovative products that deliver more comfortable support, cancel noise, block out light and so much more.

This ensures you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer so you arrive happy, rested and ready to go.

Our revolutionary product FaceCradle, is the best option for sleep in transit, other than a flatbed seat. It achieves this via its innovative twin pillow system that provides multiple options for comfortable support. It gets your head closer to, or on a horizontal angle. Brilliant!

Our ANC electronic headphones listen to the white noise of air gushing past your window or the drone of the engine and transmits a sound wave that cancels out those sounds. Our high-quality memory foam eye masks, block out more light.

Designed and developed by international design award winner and prolific frequent flier David Scrimshaw, these products in combination, enable you to closer replicate the way you sleep each night. This gets you to sleep faster and allows you to sleep for much longer.