Shopping: what can I buy and from where?

The restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels doesn't mean the end of airport shopping!

Below helps to explain the arrangements for shopping before and after security at Auckland Airport.

Before security:

You can continue to purchase all items at the variety of shops located before security. However, be aware of purchasing any liquids, aerosols or gels. Do you plan on taking them through security?

Items exceeding 100ml will need to be surrendered at the security screening point and will be disposed of accordingly.

If they are 100ml or under, you can take these on in your carry-on hand luggage if each container is no more than 100ml, and these containers collectively can fit comfortably into one re-sealable, 20cm x 20cm (or smaller) transparent plastic bag.

From Wednesday 1st of May 2024 for International flights only, you will no longer be required to remove these liquids, aerosols or gels - 100ml or under for security screening. These can now be left in your carry-on hand luggage when you go through the security screening area.

After security:

Direct flights (flights with no stopovers):

If you are travelling direct to your destination (eg: Auckland - Australia) then yes, you can buy duty free and other 'liquids' to take with you.

Flights with a stopover:

If you are travelling on flights with multiple stops (eg: Auckland – Singapore – London) then yes, you can buy duty free and other 'liquids' to take with you so long as you:

  • have access to your checked-in luggage at your next destination.
  • and at your next destination you pack your purchases into your check-in luggage before continuing your journey

Transit passengers:

Transit passengers are security screened. As such, any items over 100ml will need to be surrendered at the screening point.

If you are ending your journey at your next stop the, yes you can buy all items after security – including liquids, aerosols and gels.


If you have any questions, we recommend:

  • discussing your options with your airline or,
  • refer to Flysmart for updates.

Find out more about liquids, aerosols and gels:

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