The beautiful Boh Runga jewellery collection focuses on our native New Zealand birdlife and emphasizes the unique flora and fauna we have in Aotearoa.

Find something special from Boh Runga to remind you of home – or as a beautiful gift for the traveller in your life!

Boh Runga is a dynamic creative force. Not only is she a successful kiwi singer-songwriter she is also establishing herself as a kiwi fashion icon. In 2007 Boh Runga launched her first jewellery range in collaboration with NZ Mint who have been producing jewellery since the late 1960’s. This joint venture between NZ Mint and more recently The Mint Republic and award winning songbird Boh Runga combines quality and knowledge with creativity and passion which makes this a truly golden partnership.

Boh Runga’s first collection called Birdland is based on her love of New Zealand’s Native birds. Boh Runga has continued to produce exceptional collections such as The Messenger Stories, Stargazers, A Drop in the Ocean & Feather Kisses. These collections capture the distinctive beauty of native New Zealand birds focusing on the Tui, Fantail, Kiwi and Robin. Precious bird designs are carefully crafted from the finest metals and each come with their own story.

The new Mini Messenger Collection is an adaptation of Boh Runga’s highly popular Messenger range – but mini! Inspired by the myths surrounding New Zealand’s native birdlife and saluting traditional Maori ideology, with the idea that the Gods would speak through birds to influence the human realm, Boh has drawn on this and created a range that is delicate enough for everyday wear, yet weighted with culture and history.

Boh Runga's Fan Tail design is a tribute to the bird that displayed courage in the war between the land and sea creatures. Brave and daring, Fan Tail danced in the face of the enemy. Take them with you wherever you go.

Whether you are looking for a bold statement necklace, or a petite pair of studs Boh Runga has something for everyone.

Boh Runga jewellery is available tax-free at Walker & Hall, Auckland International Airport.