Lester Hall

Lester Hall shares his passion for New Zealand's rich history through his eccentric, philosophical paintings.

Combining Maori heritage with that of European descendants known as 'Pakeha', Lester Hall's art is inspirational: a conversation between cultures.

Lester Hall was born in Wellington, New Zealand and after completing school, was a jack of all trades in theatre design, acting, bar attendance, demolition worker and builder. Lester self-taught, he now lives in the Bay of Islands working as a full-time artist. Lester describes himself as a poly-stylist artist. His interests are spirituality, history and nature.

Lester Hall art is available tax-free at Artport, Auckland International Airport, departures after security.

His pieces include, Miss Kiwiana, Buzzy Bee, Grant going All Black in Paradise, Poll Tax, and Puha & Pakeha among others. Lester Hall artwork prints are available in two main sizes - 48cm x 33cm, and 33cm x 24cm.

Please contact Artport at Auckland Airport for product availability and prices.

Lester Hall is a proud New Zealand artist.