Mount Gay is looking to reacquaint consumers with our most awarded blend, previously known as Extra Old.

For years, XO has been a familiar shorthand for aged spirits, and so the name XO is given to the most mature distillates from our reserve casks. While the name may have changed, the rum still embodies the characteristics that have made XO one of the most awarded rums in the world: a refined, small-batch spirit, handcrafted from reserve casks, and blended for robust flavor.

Master Blender Allen Smith selects only the finest distillates, matured from 8 to 15 years, from our reserve casks to craft XO. A refined and full-bodied spirit, XO demonstrates bold aromatics and a rich, smooth finish. This blend exemplifies the finesse that only time can bring, and offers a taste of paradise from the rum that invented rum.

Also available is Mt Gay Black Barrel Barrel, a handcrafted rum for those who recognize and appreciate the nicest things in life and Mt Gay Eclipse rum.